Friday, August 19, 2005

welcome welcome welcome

welcome to ask zenstar
i've been roleplaying, wargaming, and gaming in general for a long time now and am willing to help those with problems.
need help interacting with the party? ("the fighter keeps picking on me")
having love problems? ("i had sex with a werewolf and fear that my child will come out furry")
need advice on spell selection? ("fireball... always fireball!)
can't decide what gun to take on the run?
what squad should you field for max damage?
well just ask me and i'll give you my opinion on the matter.

email questions to


Blogger schpat said...

later will leave quastion when sobert!

6:20 PM  
Blogger schpat said...

Dear Zenstar,

Vittoro Castalani here, my friends call me Vito. I'm an all round great guy and snappy dresser, but that doesn't seem to help me one little bit. I think the members of my party are hiding things from me. I don;t know what to do, how do I get them to trust me? I've been perfectly open and honest so far, what more can I do?


10:37 AM  

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